SP 1000 HP

Take On More Projects for More Profit

  • Output to 35 cubic yards per hour.
  • Pressure to 1450 psi
  • .5″ Max. Aggregate Size


  • Hydraulic Outriggers
  • Lifting Eyes
  • Special Paint
  • Hopper Vibrator
  • Skid Mount
  • Dual Axles

Rock Valve & Big Rock Valve

The revolutionary Rock Valve and the optional Big Rock Valve provide absolute reliability. The only completely rebuildable valves in the industry.


Technical Specs
Concrete Output

35 cu. yds/ hr.

27 cu. m / hr.

Max. Pressure on Concrete

1450 psi.

100 BAR

Max. Horz. Pumping Distance*

1520 ft.

465 m

Max. Vert Pumping Distance*

480 ft.

131 m

Max. Aggregate Size * .5 in. 12.5 mm


Pump Specs
Type of Valve

“HP” Short Rock

Shifting Cylinders


Main Hydraulic Pump


Max Pump Strokes per Minute


Volume Control

0 to Max

Pump Cylinder Diameter

6 in.

150 mm.

Differential Cylinder

90 in.

50 mm

Pump Cylinder Stroke Length

39 in.

1000 mm

Diameter of Discharge

4 in.

100 mm

Capacity of Receiving Hopper

11 cu. ft.

.31 cu. m

Charging Hopper-Height

51 in.

1300 mm


Engine Specs
Engine Deutz BF4M2012C

133 H.P.

99 KW

Electric Engine Option
@ 1,800 RPM

75 H.P.

56 KW

Fuel Tank Capacity

30 gal.

114 L.

Hydraulic Tank Capacity

70 gal.

265 L.

Hydraulic System

Open Loop


Single Standard

Axle Capacity / Rating




215/75 R17.5

Dual Axle Tires

LT 215/85 R16



Outrigger Legs

Manual – std.


Weights and Dimensions

83 in.

2108 mm


184 in.

4674 mm


66 in.

1676 mm

Trailer Units Weight 7500 lbs

3,402 kg

Remote Control
Fwd / Rev / Off/
E-Stop w/ cable

100 ft

30 m


Torsion Spring

Other Details

*Pumping distances shown are to be used as a guide only since they have been considerably exceeded on specific projects. Maximum attainable distances depend upon concrete mix design and pipeline diameter. Maximum output and distance cannot be achieved simultaneously.

**Pump specifications are for standard units. Other units are available.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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