S 52 SX

The S 52 SX arrives with as much impact as the first S 52 SX – a revolution in long booms that resulted in worldwide popularity. Expect nothing less from this new Schwing RZ5 boom that combines the best characteristics of an Overhead Roll and Fold™ and a Z in a five-section boom.

Leave it to Schwing to put the “Z” where it offers the most advantages – at the tip. The 270-degree articulation of the tip section means maximum versatility especially when combined with the main section’s 180 degrees of working range. Operators will use the Schwing Overhead Roll and Fold™ feature that allows the main section to be tilted away from the pour while the tip section is maneuvered over and under obstacles to reach further into buildings than ever before. With 990 degrees of total articulation, operators can reach up, out, over and under to provide reliable concrete delivery up to the 170′ 7″ vertical reach of the S 52 SX.

Maximize your return on investment by getting more from a long boom. Put the RZ5 on commercial buildings, bridge decks and industrial work everyday and imagine the possibilities.

Technology : Vector Control Systems

Now operators have valuable operational data at their fingertips because Vector is the first system to allow monitor-ing of the pumping process from the remote control box.

Technology : Rock Valve & Big Rock Valve

The revolutionary Rock Valve and the optional Big Rock Valve provide absolute reliability. The only completely rebuildable valves in the industry.

Technology : Generation 3 Concrete Pump Kits

The Generation 3 outperforms every other concrete pump on high visibility projects while also placing millions of yards of concrete on everyday pours.

Boom Specification
Boom Specifications U.S. Metric
Pipeline Diameter 5″ 125 mm
Vertical reach 170′ 7′ 52 m
Horizontal reach 158′ 48.2 m
Net Horizontal reach 146′ 44.5 m
Unfolding Height 38′ 2 “ 11.7 m
Section Lengths:
First Section 25′ 5″ 7.8 m
Second Section 35′ 3 “ 10.7 m
Third Section 35′ 1″ 10.7 m
Fourth Section 34′ 11 “ 10.6 m
Fifth Section 27′ 3 “ 8.3 m
Slewing Range 370 deg. 370 deg.
End hose Length 10′ 3 m
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Pump Specs
Pump Kits

2525H-6 120/85 MPS

U.S. Metric
Theor. Concrete Output (cu./yds/hr) 213 163
Max. Pressure on Concrete (psi) 1169 81
Max. Strokes/Min. 22 22
Pump Cylinder Diameter (in.) 10 250
Pump Cylinder Stroke Length (in.) 98 2500
Differential Cylinder Size (in.) 4.7 120
Max. Aggregate size (in.) 2.5 63.5
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Boom Chart

Outrigger Speed

Truck Specs

Other Details


  • Auto Greaser (Rock Valve Only) – Standard
  • Auto Greaser (Pump and Boom Only) – Standard
  • Auto Greaser (Pump, Boom and Chassis) – Optional
  • Auto Greaser, Chassis
  • Carbide Wear Parts – Standard
  • Digital Electronics – Standard
  • Esser Twin Wall Pipe and Elbows – Standard
  • Extended Rock Valve – Standard
  • Extended Life Kit (Includes Esser Twin Wall Pipe, Elbows, Deck Pipe Reducer and Carbides) – Standard
  • High Pressure Washer – Standard
  • Hopper Vibrator – Standard
  • Hose and Fitting Kit
  • Radio Remote Control – Standard
  • Proportional Boom Controls – Standard
  • Water Tank Heater

Truck Selection

  • Mack MR 688S 12×6 (6 Axle)
  • Tor T-63120 12×6 (6 Axle)
  • Other Trucks Available on Request

Truck Options

  • XZY – 2 Highway Rear Tire Upgrade
  • XDY – 2 Off Road Rear Tire is Standard

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